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Global Meetings Industry Day


On April 6th, MPI British Columbia Chapter was delighted to host a local event in partnership with ILEA Vancouver Chapter and PCMA Canada West in celebration of the second annual Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.  Events were held on this day all around the world in a collective goal to recognize the impact of meetings and events as an industry.  It has been 21 years since Canada began celebrating National Meetings Industry day, and being the grassroots for this program inspired Canadians event professionals to come together, collaborate and bring forth a globally-recognized day to celebrate the positive impact that our industry has on the economic and social makeup of the world.



Our GMID event was an amazing opportunity for world-class education access, as we were also joined by Dee Byrnes from the Disney Institute to discuss Disney’s view on employee engagement and team experiences.  Our Chapter’s event was possible through the generous grant awarded to us by the MPI Foundation.  This organization awards grants and scholarships to both Chapters and individual MPI members, and well as creates partnerships with organizations like the Disney Institute.  These opportunities for education and experience has been invaluable to members, as they are able to take these lessons into their own businesses and networks.



Dee Byrnes, with infectious passion and energy, spoke about the Disney brand, and how customer service, world-renowned training, and a little bit of Disney magic is what makes their organization so successful.  Some great takeaways from her engaging keynote included the importance of brand consistency, encouraging employees to take pride in their involvement in a brand, and how each touchpoint and person within an organization can shape and maintain a client relationship, no matter what the interaction may be.


We are so thankful to our partners, sponsors, the MPI Foundation, the Disney Institute, and the wonderful team that came together to bring this event to life.  The opportunity to bring together so many dedicated and passionate individuals is exactly what GMID is about, and we look forward to next year and everything we achieve in 2017! 



What to look forward to:


  • The MPI Foundation has grants and scholarships available for both Chapters and Individuals MPI members. There are so many chances to gain funding, attendance to conferences and events, and student scholarships/professional development as well.  For more information, visit for full details and apply soon!
  • May 18th at Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront, MPI BC Chapter is hosting Event Canvas, a new learning series, stay tuned for more details!
  • Join us at WEC 2017 on June 18th-22nd in Las Vegas for an amazing week of workshops, networking and learning with professionals from all over the world
  • Rendezvous and Incentive Works 2017 is taking place August 21st in Toronto. This exciting summer fundraiser and conference for the MPI Foundation supports its goals to deliver opportunities for professional development, funding, and unforgettable experiences for MPI members.






Thank you to Our GMID 2017 Sponsors:


Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Disney Institute




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This article was written by BCIT Marketing Managment student Alina Doaga